With no Ammonia, less chemicals and more nourishing herbal extracts, Colour Herbe offers hairdressers a groundbreaking more natural permanent hair colour system. Colour Herbe delivers a gentle but very effective permanent colour to pre-coloured, uncoloured or grey hair, without the irritating nature of the Ammonia based colour systems. With Colour Herbe there is no smell when dyeing hair, less irritation, less skin staining and less damage to hair. It offers a healthier hair colouring process that has all the creative potential of conventional products, without many of the risks to hair professionals and users. Colour Herbe naturally colours and nourishes hair and leaves hair softer with more shine.<br><br>Colour Herbe 8N covers grey 100% on its first application.<br><br>Colour Herbe 8N must be mixed with a developer – either Oxidising Oil or Fixcolour.<br><br>The bottles have screwable lids so you can save what you don't use for further applications. For short to medium hair, the contents should allow enough for two applications.