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Founded in 1960 by Michele Albergo, Antica Erboristeria S.p.A. specialises in the development of permanent hair dyes that are formulated without ammonia and based on vegetal extracts. Its manufacturing and research laboratories are located in Rome, Italy. In 2012, Financiere Maconnaise, a French Company with a long history in the field of natural and vegetal based cosmetics and food supplements, became the new owner of Antica Erboristeria, and has remained committed to supporting the values the Italian company was founded on.

HERBATINT, the company’s product line, was created pursuant to the brilliant intuition of its founder who focused his research on finding the gentlest possible formulation for effective hair colour, at a time when the industry was dominated by big multinationals, whose products were heavily based on ammonia and harsh chemicals.

Michele Albergo was greatly influenced by a famous Swiss herbalist, under whom he had apprenticed as a young man. The master Swiss herbalist quickly came to appreciate the passionate young Italian who assisted him in developing his herb based cosmetics, and upon his death, having no heir, left Mr. Albergo in possession of his entire collection of research and formulas, some of which had been handed down through his family from generation to generation.

That was the beginning of Mr. Albergo’s long and laborious quest to find that perfect synergy between herbal extracts that would offer the most natural alternative to chemical hair dyes. By the end of the 60’s, Mr. Albergo managed to elaborate a formula for a permanent hair dye based on vegetal extracts and an extremely low percentage of hydrogen peroxide, which contained no ammonia. This extraordinary formula was able to assure perfect coverage of grey hair from its first application, without damaging the hair structure, while delivering very natural shades of colour to the hair. Herbatint was born!

40 years on, Herbatint has been the undisputed market leader, gaining a well-deserved reputation in the world, being now sold in more than 40 countries worldwide.

The Herbatint product line excels in quality and consumer’s safety. Such a result is achieved by meticulous routine quality control of raw materials, high manufacturing standards and its well established experience in the industry.


1970, the Herbatint permanent hair colour gel is launched together with Vegetal Color, a semi-permanent hair colouring. The product range is named “Antica Herbavita Line”. Very quickly new haircare products such as the Royal Cream conditioner and a range of shampoo with vegetal extracts are added, becoming indispensable complements to protect, revitalise and nourish colour treated hair.


The image of a coloured hair strand is added on the front of the box enabling consumers to better select their colour. The brand uses a women with red hair and a waterfall to express the natural essence of the product.


Packaging of the product for the Italian market changes: the red headed woman standing by a waterfall becomes the brand’s new image.


A major formula improvement thanks to the removal of resorcinol and parabens and the addition of new vegetal extracts. A new look for the box, where for first time the face of a woman appears and becomes the new image of Herbatint worldwide.


Herbatint’s recognised and awarded gentle formula, is successfully tested on sensitive skin, confirming the high quality of this historical brand. The hair colour formula is richer in organic vegetal extracts. A new packaging is designed to meet the needs of a wider and younger audience that is looking for natural products and is more conscious about health and the environment.