Herbatint | Semi-Permanent Hair Colouring





Vegetal is undergoing reformulation and a redesign of its packaging.  This product will only be available again in 2019.  We do however have some selected colours left: Copper Blonde; Golden Blonde; Henna Red; Honey Blonde; Mahogany Blonde


A range of true temporary hair colours. Vegetal colours enhance the shine and clarity of your natural hair colour whilst greatly improving the condition of the hair.

However because the Vegetal colours do not contain PPD or Peroxide the effect on grey hair is somewhat unpredictable depending on the type of hair it is applied to.

We do have many customers that use the Vegetal range because they either have a PPD sensitivity or choose not to use permanent colours and they find the effect on their hair is good enough for their purpose.

  • Vegetal colours will last for 6-8 washes.
  • They cannot lighten hair colour nor guarantee complete grey cover.
  • They can enhance your natural shade or allow you to go darker.
  • Vegetal colours do NOT contain Ammonia, PPds, Hydrogen Peroxide, Resorcinol,  Parabens, Fragrance or Alcohol.